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Meet the LoSchiavos


Photo by Carolyn Myer

We are professional beginners...

We are Tony & Liz LoSchiavo. We live with our big white stubborn dog on an old farm. We have six chickens, some honeybees, and a garden filled with weeds. We love the Lord and we both work in ministry and we’d love to see our own homestead grow and thrive!


We’ve watched every YouTube video and read up on every farming venture and in the meantime, we’ve met a lot of amazing people all over Northeast Pennsylvania doing some amazing things. And we just want to tell you all about them! We want to tell you who they are what they’re doing, and how you can support every “little man” sweating it out to bring amazing produce, meat, and homemade goods to your communities. We want to share their tips and tricks with you and help you discover this vast network of homesteaders and farmers thriving all around you!


Tony LoSchiavo

Tony grew up in Southern Maryland and started out his professional career working in engineering for government contractors. He met Liz in 2016 and asked her to marry him that same December (spoiler alert - she said yes). Tony now works for the Montrose Bible Conference in maintenance and loves every minute. He loves metal detecting and big ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles. When he closes his eyes every night, he sees tractors. 

Liz LoSchiavo

Liz grew up in Montrose, PA. She went away to Liberty University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English, specializing in literature and writing. Currently she works at Montrose Bible Church as Ministry Assistant. She was pretty psyched when Tony asked her to marry him and loves being his wife! Liz dreams in flowers and likes to make super challenging and weird recipes in her kitchen, and then spends a good deal of time trying to convince others to try them.


Remus LoSchiavo

Remus was born in North Carolina on a beautiful sheep farm. He was being trained to be a Livestock Guardian Dog and was supposed to guard the LoSchiavo chickens. Currently he likes to chase them because they move funny. He sleeps inside and eats peanut butter out of a Kong toy and begs for belly rubs. He may have failed as a farm dog, but he's an ace at fetching rubber chickens, drooling on furniture, and hating black and white barn cats.

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