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Holiday Simmer Pot
By: Abigail Shaeffer

I thought that the hype around simmer pots was exaggerated, that is, until I made one for myself. The fragrance filled my house more thoroughly than any candle and smelled more realistic than any artificial scent.


I love how adaptable the process is based on what you have on hand already! I included a list of possible ingredients, with the ones I used marked with an asterisk. For a Christmas-themed simmer pot, the key ingredients are cinnamon and oranges, with the rest depending on your own preference. 

To cut down on waste, I actually used citrus scraps and extra cranberries left over from my holiday baking. I just kept a baggie full of the scraps in the refrigerator as they accumulated, and then pulled them out once I had enough! 


Just put all your ingredients in an appropriately sized pot, fill with water until everything can float freely, and heat over medium-low heat. You can continue to add water as necessary for as long as you want your simmer pot active. 

Cover Photo Option 2.JPG

Possible Ingredients:

  1. Orange slices or peels*

  2. Lemon slices or peels*

  3. Apple slices

  4. Cranberries*

  5. Vanilla

  6. Rosemary 

  7. Pine Branches*

  8. Cinnamon Sticks*

  9. Anise

  10. Cardamom Pods*

  11. Bay Leaves*

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